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Tip #9: Colored Wax and Your Clothes

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Tip #9: Colored Wax and Your Clothes

Fond of scented and colorful candles and melts? Here's a tip, when candles are lit and a pool of melted wax has formed, be careful about moving them. If at all possible, do not move the candle. If you have to move it, be careful.

If you have to move a container or pillar candle, chances are the bottom part is the coolest part. Before taking the candle, place the back of your finger gently on the bottom of the candle to make sure that it is cool enough (or has not heated yet) to move. 

When moving the candle from its original container, watch the melted pool of wax and take care not to spill it during transfer. If you find that, for some reason, some of the wax got on your clothes, place the candle down calmly first. Then, using a paper towel, remove as much wax as you can off your clothes. To take the remaining wax off, place a towel under your piece of clothing and a paper towel over the wax stained portion. Set iron to low heat. Then, using an ironing board, run the iron over the paper towel covered wax stained portion of your clothing, the wax will melt again and will seep through the paper towel. Repeat process until wax stain is gone.