Tip #8: Reusing Candle Containers – Green Papaya
Tip #8: Reusing Candle Containers

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Tip #8: Reusing Candle Containers

Thinking of reusing the glass jars that your candles come in? You're not alone. Most of the container candles come in glass jars, whether it's a clear or colored jar, because glass can withstand high temperature. Instead of throwing them away, you can re-use them as planters...organizers, craft storage, etc.

To get rid of the old wax and the wick, prepare a water bath just warm enough to melt the wax and loosen the wick from the bottom of the container.

Water bath tip: You can use an old pan and fill it with water just enough to cover the bottom of the container. When the water is ready, dip the container in. When the wax has completely melted, take the container out of the water bath (preferably not with your bare hands, use a tong or oven mitts). Leave container on flat surface until cool to touch then wipe melted wax off with a paper towel taking along with it the wick. Repeat step until all wax have been removed. If the scent of the candle is still present, wipe the inside of the container with alcohol. The alcohol should remove any fragrance oil residue. 

If you want to remove the label off the container, you can soak the container in water long enough to allow the water to seep into the label and make it "soft". Try peeling the edge off, if the label comes off easily, proceed with removing the label. If the label does not come off easily, leave container in water for several more minutes then try again.

Once the container is clean and the label is off, you can now re-use the container.