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4th of July SALE on NOW! 35% OFF PURCHASE. No code needed. Free Shipping. Always.
4th of July SALE on NOW! 35% OFF PURCHASE. No code needed. Free Shipping. Always.

Bubble Candles

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The newest addition to our candle collection, soy Bubble candles in different colors! Perfect for decorating any space, they are slightly scented so they not only look adorable but also smell good. Comes in gift-ready packaging, each candle color has a meaning and contains different fragrance and essential oils as outlined below:

  • Natural: Fragrance Oil: Vanilla
  • Pink: The color pink represents love, caring, and relationships. It is a good color to soften the energy in any given space. Beautiful color for any room in the house. Baby Pink Fragrance Oil: Strawberries and ChampagneDark Pink/Ruby Fragrance Oil: Black Raspberry Vanilla
  • Lavender: The color lavender is a combination of blue and purple hues and represents calm and meditative energy. It represents the water element and is perfect for creating a soothing and calming ambience. Fragrance Oil: Lavender
  • Light or Dark Blue: The color blue represents calm, tranquility and peace, a good color to inspire meditation, creativity, and contemplation. It also represents the water element, a color often used throughout the house. Fragrance Oil: Greek Isle 
  • Green: The color green represents life, growth, renewal, freshness, and rejuvenating energy. Green also represents money and fortune and the earth/wood element. It is a perfect color for unwinding and relaxing. Pastel Green Fragrance Oil: Black Currant Absinthe; Dark Green Fragrance Oil: Fraser Fir 
  • Tan: The color tan (or light brown) represents stability, strength, and grounding forces. It also represents the wood element and is used to create a stable and supportive energy. Fragrance oil: Oud Wood

Additional Product Information:

  • Weight: ~4oz
  • Candle Dimensions: 2.5in x 2.5in x 2.5in
  • Packaged: 3in x 3in x 3in

Burn Rate: Up to 8 hrs (We recommend lighting the candles about 20-45 minutes at a time and trimming the wick down before each use to prevent the wick from curling up, which then creates an uneven heat and an uneven burn.)