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The Animated Snowman (NEW!)

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Do you want to build a snowman? Jack Frost, Frosty, Olaf...they are all made of snow. But only one of them likes warm hugs. The snowman has been in the history books as early as the 1300s, though no one really knows how they came about...but we like to believe that it's all because of two sisters in a far away land...and one of them happens to have the magic to control snow.

The gold-plated metal plate comes with a magnetic bar to hold the rotary blades holding the snowman. Plate can hold up to 8oz jar candles, plus he candle carousel comes with its own gift-ready box, perfect for the gift-giving season.

Recommended Candle Pairing: Winter Frost, Yuletide Greeting, The Holiday Tree, and Candy Cane