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New Website

New Website

Welcome to the new website!

After months of R&D and preparation, we are officially opening our "doors" to the public. Green Papaya, LLC is proud to offer hand-poured quality soy wax candles, a much better alternative to paraffin wax candles because soy wax burns cleaner and is safer for every day use. 

Green Papaya candles come in different colors and are either scented or unscented. For our scented candles we use only phthalate-free oils, this means less harmful chemicals in your home and your surroundings.

Our candles make great gifts / giveaways / souvenirs as single jars or as a package (twos or threes).

If you would like to carry our candles in your store, please contact us via email at to learn more and enter "Wholesale" in the subject line.

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