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Candle Carousel FAQs

We hope that you find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our candle carousels below. If none of the items below address your questions, please feel free to reach out.

    • What makes it spin?
      • The heat from flame generates hot air, which usually goes up. Hot air then meets cold air, which usually comes down. When hot and cold air meet, wind is generated and makes the rotary blade / turbine spin.
    • Does it work without a tealight or candle?
      • Although the rotary blade may appear to move without heat (possibly due to a light breeze), it will not move continuously without a lit tealight or mini candle.
    • Can we use battery-operated tealights or votives?
      • While our candle carousels can fit battery-operated tealights or votives, it will only spin with a real lit tealight or votive.
    • How do I keep it clean?
      • With a damp cloth or baby wipe, gently wipe away any soot or wax residue from the candle carousel. Avoid getting unit wet.
    • What size candles can fit?
      • Small candle carousel can fit regular tealights
      • Midi candle carousels can fit up to 4oz container candles
      • Medium candle carousels can fit regular tealights or mini (1oz) candles
      • Large candle carousels can fit container candles up to 8oz
    • It's not spinning, what do I do?
      • Check rotary blade / turbine and make sure that each blade is angled and there is space in between blades to let the air through. 
      • Check the spindle or curved support bar and ensure that the curve is right above the base so when the rotary blade is placed on top of it, it is directly above the base.
      • Ensure that the rotary blade / turbine is placed at the top and at the tip of the spindle or curved support bar.
      • Ensure that each ornament is placed / hung correctly and that they are balanced.
      • Check the tealight or candle and ensure that it is at the center of the base.
      • If it is windy, use a hurricane glass to prevent the tealight or mini candle from being blown out.
    • I am missing one ornament, what should I do?
      • If you lose one ornament after your purchase and during the course of use, please send us an email at and include candle carousel size and color, and ornament design that's missing. (For example: Medium, rose gold, seahorse)
    • Can I use it outdoors?
      • If it is not windy, it can be used outdoors.
    • Do you have a video tutorial?