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During the "slow" months, we, at Green Papaya, take the opportunity to revisit our brand, our products, and our new product introduction plans for the year. Today, we worked on one of the candles we are thinking of launching in Q2/Q3 this year. We are pleased with the result of this R&D activity today and we will be including it in our collection. Stay tuned! 

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Last year, we learned a lot. It was our first full year of business and we've met many talented and gifted candle makers in our journey. We have also met wonderful event coordinators who do not seem to run out of energy in putting effort into event after event after event.  After months of going to events and shows, we took our time to recoup and recharge. We are starting this year with a lot of ideas and new venues to participate in. This year, 2019, as we start our second year in the business...we hope to be even better...

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