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Candy Cane


Did you know that Candy Canes were invented in the late 17th century? Its origins were traced back to Germany, during the advent of pulled sugar and only used to come in "white" instead of the red and white stripes we see now. The hook was added later and, according to Wikipedia, candy canes made their U.S. debut in 1847 in Ohio when a German-Swedish immigrant started decorating the blue spruce tree with paper and candy canes. Now, it is the number one best-selling non-chocolate candy in the month of December. Notes of peppermint and sugar emerge from one of these jars and fill the room with sweetness that only a candy cane can.

Burn Rate (approximate times, may vary depending on fill volume):

  • Mini Sampler (1 oz) = Up to 8+ hours
  • Small: 2oz jar (Travel size) = Up to 12+ hours
  • Medium: 4oz jar = Up to 24+ hours
  • Large: 8oz jar = Up to 60+ hours