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Greek Isle Scented Soy Tea Light


The bright blue sky didn't have a single cloud in sight while the sun shone directly above...a light cool breeze blows and it touches the tip of your feel a sense of relief wash over you as you smile and stare at the deep blue water. You watch the light bounce off the water as you feel and play with the soft white sand below your feet. A refreshing scent that involves a combination of lavender, bergamot, sea salt, and citrus. 

Each natural soy tea light burns up to 3x longer than a regular paraffin tea light because of our unique formula. Included in each packet are 6 tea lights with a burn rate of up to 42 hours or more, which is the equivalent of buying 18 regular paraffin tea lights. By buying our tea lights, you are saving more while using a natural soy product that burns cleaner and much longer.