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Versailles, that jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, opulent palace in France...If you ever visit, be sure to wander the grounds and take a picture next to the Apollo fountain. This natural candle in a blue cobalt jar was inspired by the Hall of Mirrors and..well...Versailles in general. Its opulence and complex works of art led us to create this wonderfully scented, complex aroma, reminiscent of a visit to Versailles. Top notes include black currant, saffron threads, apple, and blackberries infused with patchouli and cedarwood.

Burn Rate (approximate times, may vary depending on fill volume):

  • Small: 2oz jar (travel size) = Up to 12+ hours
  • Medium: 4oz jar = Up to 24+ hours
  • Large: 8oz jar = Up to 60+ hours