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Good Luck Wish


No one really knows how the four-leaf clover story and its association with luck and good fortune started. It all dates back to early medieval times when these four-leaf clovers were known to cure the "purples" in children. Since then, it has been associated with wellness, protection, good fortune, and luck. 

This candle contains base notes of juniper oil and clove. Juniper oil is known to contain aromatic compounds called cadinene isomers, which are sesquiterpenes. These compounds are typically woodsy in scent and are bicyclic, put two together, and you somewhat get a "four-leaf" clover looking compound. Cool, no?

Open a frosted glass jar and notes of floral, fresh, and woodsy scent fills the air.

Burn Rate (approximate times, may vary depending on fill volume):

  • Small: 2oz jar (Travel size) = Up to 12+ hours
  • Medium: 4oz jar = Up to 24+ hours
  • Large: 8oz jar = Up to 60+ hours