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The City Scape


One of the newest candle carousel designs, the City Scape is an innovative home decor that uses the heat from a lighted candle to illuminate and provide a cozy and entertaining ambience to any space. Be mesmerized with a city landscape complete with a car passing by as it spins from the heat that the candle makes.

Compatible with Small (2 to 3 oz candles).

Additional product info:

  • Dimensions (assembled): 4 inches x 4 inches x 6.75 inches
  • Material: Iron + Aluminum
  • Color: White
  • Each package includes 1 base, 1 support bar, and 1 rotary topper
  • Package does not include candle.

Recommended Small Candle Pairing: Moonlit Memories, Paris Patisserie, Singapore Gardens

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