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The Zippy Hummingbirds

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The smallest birds in the world are also one of the most popular birds today, they are beloved by many. Why? Hummingbirds are fast, can fly backwards, are colorful, and appear carefree. They go from flower to flower to collect nectar, their wings moving in a figure eight pattern, an ancient symbol of continuity. Hummingbirds symbolize different things in different cultures today, the most common are that the birds symbolize joy, love, and good luck. When hummingbirds visit you, it means they bring good news. It is also believed that hummingbirds symbolize perseverance and are reminders to enjoy life's simple pleasures.

Additional product info:

  • Dimensions (assembled): 5.5 inches x 3.5 inches x 3.5 inches
  • Material: Iron + Aluminum
  • Color: Rose gold
  • Each package includes 1 base, 1 stand, 1 rotary blade, and 5 ornaments with hooks.
  • Package does not include tealight.
  • Total weight with packaging: 3.5 ounce

Recommended Tea Light Pairing: Frasier Fir, Honeysuckle, Magical Unicorn

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