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The Springy Deers


It is said that the deer is a symbol of purity, grace, intuition, speed, and a connection to the supernatural, the otherworld, and the fairy realm. Deers are often depicted as flighty but they are also depicted as a source of strength, they are commonly found throughout the world and are often sources of inspiration for animation (woodland creatures) and lore. A lion may be considered the king of the jungle but a stag (male deer) is its equivalent in the forest.

The metal base is flat (rounded-edge triangular shape) and can accommodate larger candle jars (2 and 4 ounce jars). Metal base also comes with padding to protect surface.

 Additional product info:

  • Dimensions (assembled): Base = 5.5 inches x 4 inches, Height = 7 inches
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Silver
  • Package includes 1 metal base with padding on the bottom to protect surface, 1 magnetic stand, 1 rotary blade, and 4 ornaments with hooks
  • Package does not include candle.
  • Total weight with packaging: 10 ounces

Recommended Candle Pairing (2 or 4 ounce jars): Greenwood, Magical Unicorn, and Singapore Gardens

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