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Women Empowerment Gift Sets (NEW!)


Pick 1 of the gift sets, add a personal message at checkout, and let us ship this wonderfully packaged gift to friends and family. Always FREE Shipping. 

Self Care Gift Set ($45 Value): A reminder that self care is part of taking care of our overall well being and that one shouldn't feel guilty about taking time to take a break once in a while. 

  • 1 Medium "I am Worth It" Candle
  • 1 Medium "I am Fabulous" Candle
  • 1 Medium "Spa Day" Candle

Daily Affirmations Gift Set ($45 Value): You don't need a special occasion to light one of these candles, they are there everyday as a reminder that we are all loved, we are all fabulous, and we are all survivors out there.

  • 1 Medium "I am Fabulous" Candle
  • 1 Medium "I am Loved" Candle
  • 1 Medium "I am a Survivor" Candle

Go Getter Gift Set ($45 Value): For the dreamers, the driven, the all-around superstar, and the role models in our lives.  

  • 1 Medium "I am Strong" Candle
  • 1 Medium "I am Unstoppable" Candle
  • 1 Medium "I am a Fabulous" Candle