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At Green Papaya, we are always looking for ways to improve our product and to develop new products that our customers will love. We focus not only on making sure our products are eco-friendly but also pleasing to the senses, including the sense of sight. We love beautiful things and we integrate this love of beauty into our candles, our labels, our packaging, and our brand. We like it when our customers give us a two thumbs up for our candle quality and how professionally put together they are. Our founder is a biochemist with a corporate background who has...

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As much as I love summer, I always welcome the reprieve of the cold weather that Fall offers. The crisp mornings with a cup of coffee as I sit in our kitchen in my sweater, reminiscing the new memories made over the previous months. Life, I believe, is the sum of all the little moments along the we better make it worth revisiting every now and then. And when we feel like we need to take a break from all the craziness and business, we do something for ourselves. In that "me" time, our detoxify candle is perfect. The...

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